Ensure your customers are able to safely return to their homes.  And since we will also take their car home with them, they will not have to worry about leaving their car parked on the street, or in a parking lot overnight.


All it takes is a single call to Classic Tow Me Home where our dispatch service is always available 24/7.  And we will answer your call — no leaving a message and hope someone will call you back.  It will work 1st time.


Since we have a full fleet of tow trucks, in most cases, the driver will immediately be dispatched to your location to pick up your customer, drive their car onto our flatbed, and take both of them home.


Help your customers enjoy their evening that much more by pre-schedule their pickup.  For example, they could pre-schedule their pickup for 1:00 am, and know everything would be taken care of ahead of time.


We are exploring the idea of a business Classic Tow Club, especially for holidays and other special occasions where there is lots of drinking.  Let us know if having a business account would be helpful to your business.


We can even help supply you with literature, window clings, drink coasters, and other materials that you can make available to your customers.  No need to convince them — just provide them with the materials and let them decide.